Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur

Welcome to my page. A little about me. My husband and I have been together for twenty-two years. I have two beautiful step-daughters and a wonderful daughter and son of my own. We have four grandchildren. My family is my life.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading true crime novels, fishing and bowling. I served in the United States Navy for about a year before realizing that it Wasn’t where I was meant to be. From there, I began working in the electrical Field at a company that manufactured transformers. I also did some office work At that same company. In 2009, when the economy was getting really bad, I was laid off from my job.

Like a lot of people at the time, I was unable to find work so I went back to School. After graduation, I was still unable to find work. I was at a loss.

Fast forward to Christmas 2014. My dad started showing disturbing mental Symptoms after a simple medical procedure and had to be hospitalized. He Was diagnosed with liver failure. He went steadily down hill and we lost him In August 2016. Last December, my mother started displaying the same Symptoms and we lost her this past August. They both had cirrhosis and Neither one of them were drinkers! The cause of their liver damage was a Combination of weight and the many medications that they were taking.

I began researching, looking for alternatives to traditional medicines. I was also still looking for a way to produce an income. A few months ago, I came across an ad for ShopFreeMart. I Researched the company and products and found that it was a good fit. I hope to educate people about the dangers of over medication, and of Being overweight. Both can have devastating effects on the liver. My ultimate goal is to help others achieve health and prosperity.

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